What is a Prayer Breakfast Host?

Serving as a Host is a means of bringing your friends, family members, colleagues, clients and vendors towards a personal and more meaningful relationship with Christ.  The essence of one’s commitment as a Host is to sponsor and invite guests to the breakfast.  You and your four or nine guests will sit together at a table at the event (you can host a full table, or have a co-host and share a table where each co-host will invite four guests).


For those of your guests who do not know Jesus Christ, the prayer breakfast is an introduction to the Good News He provides to the world.  For believers and followers of Jesus, it will provide a chance to enhance their fellowship with the Lord and reinforce their commitment to Him.  And for those who have strayed from the faith, it’s an opportunity to return to a community of believers and be reminded of Jesus’ great sacrifices which has restored our relationship with  God.


As a Host, you will be communicated with and encouraged by a Host Captain who will assist with questions and  various events related to the REPB ministry.  The REPB Committee envisions Hosts working with your Captain as you assist your guests on their spiritual journey should any of them desire (as is our hope) to pursue a greater understanding of the Lord and His Word.


The REPB is open to all no matter where they find themselves in their spiritual walk, especially those who have yet to commence the journey.  And it is an entirely ecumenical environment.  As with those who don’t believe in Christ, all who do are fully welcome.

  • Host four - nine guests plus yourself to the REPB event


  • Attend the Host luncheons to receive personalized instructions


  • Predominately fill your seats with individuals from the real estate community you know do not have or are uncertain of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ


  • Follow-up with each of your guests after the breakfast.  Encourage them to attend, and/or bring them to the FIRE Luncheon series in the months following the Breakfast.


Volunteer | we need you!

The Real Estate Prayer Breakfast could not operate without the help of volunteers. If you are interested in checking out the Real Estate Prayer Breakfast, curious what we are about, or just want to help, come volunteer.  Each year we need 15-20 volunteers to help set-up the night before the breakfast as well as 15-20 the morning of the Real Estate Prayer Breakfast. WE WANT YOU! If you are interested in volunteering, please email Info@repb-dc.org.


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